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Specialty Minerals Building Product Dolomites in the Eastern United States—Canaan, Connecticut

Ground dolomites for building product manufacture are produced in the Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) plant at Canaan, Connecticut. The dolomite deposit in Canaan is a true dolomite—calcium magnesium carbonate—not just a magnesium carbonate—containing dolomitic limestone.

The ground and screened dolomite products are used for filling and extending cast polymers, asphalt roofing, vinyl composite tiles, stucco, joint compounds, masonry products, sealants, and pool plastering. Coarse-ground grades, CCA™, FCA™ and MS-4™, provide a source of extremely white aggregate for manufacturing white split-faced blocks and precast shapes. Bright white Marblemix® dolomitic pool sands are ideally suited for plastering swimming pools and spas. For joint compound, sealants, putties, caulks, and other building products, Dolocron® dolomite fillers provide high brightness and low oil absorption. The DF™ series of dolomites offer a wide variety of performance options for vinyl composite tile, stucco, and grout manufacturers.

Like all Specialty Minerals-Performance Minerals plants, Canaan is certified ISO 9001 and uses rigorous quality monitoring and continuous improvement processes to provide customers with uniform, high-quality products.

Specialty Minerals Dolomites For Building Products
Building product manufacturers can choose among the following families of high-quality ground dolomites produced at Canaan for roofing, flooring, joint compounds, cast polymers, concrete, masonry, and other construction components:

Click on the product family name to download the technical data sheet for the product of interest.

Some building product applications may require a grade with a customized particle size and/or particle size distribution. We are happy to work with you to provide the right limestone grade for your building product. Contact Us to discuss your needs.


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