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Calcium Fortified Animal Feeds and Animal Nutritional Supplements Using Specialty Minerals Calcium Carbonates

Animal nutritionists and veterinarians understand the benefits of adding calcium and magnesium to the diets of livestock and pets. Calcium supplements for cattle and other livestock are necessary for strong bones as well as general animal health. Poultry require calcium to strengthen egg shells for maximum production.  

Ground Calcium Carbonates and Ground Dolomites for Animal Feeds
Ground limestone (calcium carbonate) and ground dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate) are common and economical calcium sources for animals. Pure calcium carbonate contains one of the highest levels of elemental calcium—40%. Chemical purity, brightness, and consistency also play a role in the selection process.

Poultry require grit in their gizzards to aid in digestion. Limestone screened to tight specifications not only meets this need, but also provides calcium fortification for egg shell strength. Dolomite should not be used in chicken feed, as the excess magnesium will actually reduce egg output.

Specialty Minerals Products for Animal Feed and Nutrition
Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) is well positioned to supply you with our standard products, or work with you to develop new products custom-tailored to your applications. We produce a range of calcium carbonate and dolomite products that are highly consistent in chemical composition and thoroughly suited to animal calcium and calcium/magnesium supplement requirements. 

SMI’s animal feed products are manufactured in three locations in the U.S; limestones in Adams, Massachusetts, and Lucerne Valley, California and dolomites in Canaan, Connecticut.

These are the families of Specialty Minerals products for animal feed and poultry applications to choose from:

Lucerne Valley, CA limestones:

Adams, MA limestones:

Canaan, CT dolomites:


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