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Barretts, Montana —Specialty Minerals Talc Plant

Specialty Minerals' production facility in Barretts, Montana, has been producing finely ground talc industrial mineral products since 1964, and coarser ground talcs for paint and paper since the early 1950’s. This plant is located in the southwest corner of Montana. Talc ore from two nearby Specialty Minerals mines is processed into coarse, medium and ultrafine products. These products are packaged for shipment throughout North America and for export. Barretts talcs can be shipped in bulk truck and bulk rail, 50-pound bags, and semi-bulk bags.  Before the formation of its parent, Minerals Technologies Inc., the Barretts mines and plant were part of Pfizer Inc. They are now in the Performance Minerals group of Specialty Minerals Inc.

Ore from the mines is selected on the basis of purity, consistency, and unique mineral properties to ensure highest performance in the intended end use. The ground Barretts talc products are functional additives and fillers for use in a number of industrial and healthcare markets: plastics, coatings, ceramics, polyester body putty, gel coats, chewing gum, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, rubber, and paper.

Barretts Talcs
In rigid plastics applications, UltraTalc® and MicroTuff® talc products are ideally suited for stiffening polypropylene and thermoplastic olefins (TPO) and for polyolefin nucleation. For polyethylene blown and cast films, ABT® 2500, Polybloc®, and Optibloc® talcs are highly efficient antiblocks.

In paints, Talcron® talc provides flattening  and barrier properties. Cercron® talc is suited for ceramic applications, while Sericron® talc stiffens and improves the overall handling of rubber compounds. MicroTalc®  talc is ideal for caulks, joint compound and other construction products. The talc improves trowel ability and provides barrier properties. USP and cosmetic talcs are used in body powders, chewing gum and other consumer products. These talc products are certified as Kosher.

Barretts Quality
Since the Barretts plant is an ISO 9001 certified facility, the quality demands of these markets are met with comprehensive quality monitoring and continuous improvement programs.


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